A class repeats regularly and occurs same time and day every week .

(ex: every Saturday at 10 AM)


Classes allow students to drop into them without committing to multiple classes at once. 

Due to the quarter system, there will be no public classes in May, June, July and December.  


Enrollments differ from classes in that students are encouraged to commit for a specific topic to learn. 

(ex: Workshop of Old Frame First Road)

All enrollments have a defined start and end date (specific dates).  And it is progressive and incremental to study for a certain topic which does not allow drop-ins or walk-ins.

CBTA USA offers 8-week quarters from January to April and from August to November. Intensive workshops will be offered in May, June, July and December.  


An appointment occurs at student's preferred time and day.  

Appointments can be private, semi-private or small group lesson.  



From 2018, Monday 6:45 PM and Saturday 10:45 AM will be open to the public.  Except these classes, all other courses are the 8-week quarter in enrollment. 

There will be NO PUBLIC CLASSES in May, June, July and December due to workshops.

We highly encourage students to book and register a class before joining.  Please use our CBTA USA app from smart phones.


Once a student booked an enrollment for a specific topic and time frame, switching the course is not allowable because the enrollment course is incremental and progressive.  

All enrollments require a 8-week commitment.  If your schedule fluctuates, it is not recommended to take this course. 

All classical long forms, weapons, push-hands, grappling/application, power training and Chen Village teacher training will be taught in enrollment.


Students who are willing to have a private, semi-private or small group lesson can make an appointment with our app. 

Usually, people who have a health issue, need detailed corrections of Taijquan and yoga therapy use the appointment.



We highly encourage all students to use our branded app because you can book and purchase all classes, enrollments and appointent at your fingertip!

Search 'Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA' in the app store from smart phones and download it.