2019 Master Chen Bing US Workshops

1st location: Los Angeles from May 3 - May 8

Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA

2nd location: Tucson, Arizona from May 10 to May 15


3rd location: Indianapolis, Indiana from May 17 - May 19 

Mr.Simon -

Mr. Ling -

4th location: Columbus, Ohio from May 21 to May 29

Teacher Yu -

Mr. Andi -

5th location: Washington DC from May 30 ro May 31

Mr.Stephen -

Please book your LA workshop through MINDBODY system below or you may download MINDBODY app from smartphones to book it.  Please make sure to find 'Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA' to book thru the app.

Please contact a host of each location for Master Chen Bing's US workshop for 2019.