known as the ‘Big Dragon (大龍) and a 20th generation representative of the Chen family

Master Chen Bing (陳炳),also known as the ‘Big Dragon (大龍)’, is a 20th generation representative of the Chen family, and 12th generation lineage leader of Chen Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).  He is a direct descendant of Taijiquan creator Chen Wangting (陳王廷).   In addition, Master Chen Bing is a first 'Heavenly King' of 'Chen Village 8 Heavenly Kings' (陈家沟八大天王) appointed by Chen Village Committee in 2006.

Born in March, 1971 at Chenjiagou 陳家溝 (Chen Village), the renowned birthplace of Taijiquan in Henan Province, China.  Chen Bing is the only son of Chen Yonghe (陳永和), the eldest brother of Grand Master Chen Xiaowang and Grand Master Chen Xiaoxing. Master Chen Bing first learned Chen Taijiquan from his famous uncle, Chen Xiaowang, at the age of 6.  Master Chen Bing is the eldest and first dragon of a 20th generation of the Chen Family 'Seven Dragons’, which also include Chen Jun, Chen Yingjun, Chen Ziqiang, Chen Zijun, Chen Pengfei and Chen Shiwu.

A decorated international champion, Chen Bing earned the title of "Taiji Almighty (太極全能)" for his numerous awards, and is considered a "Chinese Intangible Cultural Asset of Taijiquan."  A graduate of Shanghai University of Sports and formerly vice-mayor of Chen Village, Master Chen Bing is the founder/president of the Chen Bing Taiji Academy, which houses its headquarters in Chenjiagou, Henan Province, China. 

Master Chen Bing runs his main academy in Chenjiagou, where he still teaches and resides.  Following in the footsteps of his uncle and main mentor, Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, Master Chen Bing has been tirelessly leading seminars throughout Europe, North America and Asia. He does so to promote and propagate the true essence of his illustrious family’s crowning jewel - Chen Family Taijiquan.

Not only well-known for his fierce power and inimitable skill, also Master Chen’s humility, warmth, lucid approach and soft-spoken nature make him one of the most respected, accessible, progressive and formidable ambassadors of the Chen family.  Sought out by Taiji enthusiasts from all over the world, Chen Bing is one of the true, great masters of modern times.  

Master Chen Bing is the first king of 'Chen Village 8 Heavenly Kings' (陈家沟八大天王) who are the new generation leaders of Chen Family Taijiquan after the Chen Village 4 Diamonds (陈家沟四大金刚) who are Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, Wang Xian, Zhu Tiancai and Chen Zhenglei.   



1990 - Jiaozuo Taijiquan Tournament - Taijiquan Form, Taiji Sword, and Push-Hands 1st place

1993, 1998, 2000 - Henan Wenxian International Taijiquan Tournament 1st place

1995, 1996, 1997 - Henan Province Taijiquan Competition - Push-Hands 1st place

1995, 1996, 1998, 2000 - China National Wushu Taijiquan Championship - Push-Hands 1st place

1996 - Henan Province Wenxian International Taijiquan Platform Martial Arts - 70kg 1st place

1997 - Henan Province Martial Arts Tournament Taijiquan - earned the name of ‘Taiji Almighty’in forms, weapons and Push-Hands 1st place
2001 - Hainan International Taijiquan Tournament - 1st place

President of Chen Bing Taiji Academy
President of the World Chen Family Taijiquan Association
Vice Principal of Chenjiagou Taijiquan School (2000-2006)
Head instructor of Chenjiagou Taijiquan School (1989-2000)
Former Vice Mayor of Chenjiagou (Chen Village), Henan Province, China
Professor Emeritus of the Shanghai Fudan Taijiquan Association
Adviser of the Japan Chen Style Taijiquan Federation
Honorary Teacher of the Hubei Province Yichang Taijiquan Association
Chen Village 8 Heavenly Kings (2006) 

B.A. in Physical Education (Shanghai University)  



1999 - Established the ‘Association of Taiijquan’at Shanghai Fudan University

2000 - Founded the ‘World Chen Family Taijiquan Association’- his first visit to a foreign country, Master Chen was invited by the ‘5th Ki (Qi) Festival’in South Korea to represent the Chen family.  He taught his first students there.

2001 - Lectured at the Japanese Taijiquan Federation by invitation and launched the official Chenjiagou (Chen Village) website:

2002 - Head coach of Henan Province Push-Hands team at the Henan International Martial Arts Championship. The team earned 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal.

2003 - Lectured at the Cha University (formerly Pochun Joongmun Medical School). Appointed by Henan Province to be a ‘Special Study Leader’ for Taijiquan.

2004 - Invited by his disciple, Bosco Baek, to Chicago, USA – Master Chen Bing’s first North American tour.  He was appointed ‘Taijiquan Special Leader’ by the Chinese International Martial Arts Center in the U.S.  He appointed Bosco Baek as the first branch president of the World Chen Family Taijiquan Association (now Chen Bing Taiji Academy).

2005 - Participated in the Asian Festival in Columbus, Ohio as an ambassador of the Chen family. In the same year, Master Chen graced the cover of Inside Kung-Fu magazine and was the periodical‟s feature story.

2006 - Master Chen was appointed Head coach for the Wenxian Martial Arts School by the government of Henan Province. A report from Wenxian County Media stated that ‘Chen Bing is considered a Taijiquan master who has reached the ultimate level in martial arts’ and ‘through great achievement and skillful, complete teaching, many practitioners have excelled and succeed in tournaments’.

2008 - He officially founded the Chen Bing Taiji Academy, changing the name from the „World Chen Family Taijiquan Association‟ in Chenjiagou (Chen Village) and donated $14,132 to victims of the Sichuan Earthquake.  


In May 2012  at Kung Fu Tai Chi Masters' Demonstration in San Hose