Chen Family Taijiquan (陳氏太極拳) is the mother form of Taijiquan from which other various styles such as Yang, Wu and Sun ultimately derived. 

​The Taijiquan creator, Chen Wangting, was a 9th generation representative of the Chen family about 400 years ago (in the late Ming dynasty). He created Taijiquan based upon the Yin and Yang theory from the Yijing (易經: yìjīng), breathing of Qi Inducing Practice (導引吐納: dǎoyǐntǔnà), 29 postures of the military tactics book (紀效新書: jìxiàoxīnshū) by Qi Jiguang (戚繼光: Qī Jìgūang), and the theory of meridians in Chinese medicine. 

Chen Family Taijiquan requires sturdiness, softness, fastness and slowness. If there is only slowness,  all the principles of Taijiquan cannot be captured.  



The Chen Bing Taiji Academy represents the most authentic lineage in the world of Taijiquan because Master Chen Bing is a direct descendant of the Taijiquan creator, Chen Wangting (陳王廷). 

Master Chen Bing is the only son of Chen Yonghe who was the eldest brother of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing. Currently, Master Chen Bing's eldest uncle, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, is a representative of Chen Family Taijiquan and their lineage is the only pure blood line of Chen Wangting's direct descendants.

From available records and extensive research, it can be historically proven that Chen Family Taijiquan is the original Taijiquan form. Since the 1600s, the Chen family has embodied their family's martial arts over 400 years. It is rare to find a family who created its own martial arts and has maintained it for over 4 centuries.  



Reeling Silk Energy (纏絲勁: chánsījìn, commonly known as Silk-Reeling) is generated by rotating the dantian (approximately 1.5 inches below the navel) and helps Qi (氣, energy) to interpenetrate through the entire body. 

Reeling Silk exercises help open the eight extraordinary meridians (energy pathways), improve the balance of the Yin and Yang, and develop the core of dantian for a desired physical and mental condition.  It requires spiral movements from the dantian, deep relaxation (fangsong) and other certain principles to make energy penetrate through all of the bones, joints and nerves.

In this way, a practitioner is able to lessen the severity of physical and mental ailments because the blockages in the meridians are pierced. The Reeling Silk exercise can be performed by anyone regardless of age and body condition because it captures the profound principles of Taijiquan’s essence and has positive differing effects on various conditions of a practitioner.  



Moving slowly or softly is not Tai Chi at all.  The true Tai Chi is to study internal Tai Chi principles that make an external form turn into an internal art of Tai Chi.

The 25 arcane and profound key disciplines in Chen Family Taijiquan must be studied and practiced in order to realize the true art of Taijiquan.​  

The classical Chen Family Taijiquan requires the balance and change of energy between hardness, softness, fastness and slowness.  The essence of taijiquan cannot be captured if a practitioner only studies slowness and softness. 


Tai Chi from Its Birthplace

On May 22, 2017, Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA was appointed 'Birth Place of Tai Chi Promotion Center' by Jiaozuo city wherer Chen Village is located. 

Our school is the only professional Taijiquan academy appointed by Tai Chi's birthplace in USA. 


EKATALA YOGA (एकताल योग)

Ekatala (एकताल) in Sanskrit can be defined as harmony, unison and accurate adjustment.   

Ekatala Yoga is the essence of three yoga studies that combine Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Raja Yoga founded by Master Bosco Baek.

Together, it provides each practitioner with a classical and customized approach to a comprehensive yoga practice.​