Chen Village membership is not only an apprenticeship education program, but also a teacher training

At Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA, we recognize the need for a formal membership because we look for future successors who can inherit the classical teachings of Chen Village where Tai Chi was created. In fact, it requires a step-by-step teaching process based on our curriculum and hands-on corrections in order to make practitioners experience deeply for powerful energy cultivation and circulation. The hands-on corrections are so necessary because it prevents any physical misalignment and internal foul energy. Most importantly, It is very important for us to preserve the same practical methods and standard as taught in Chen Village. 

CBTA USA is very selective in choosing a Chen Village member because it is not only an apprenticeship education program, but also a teacher training course.

Why is membership important at CBTA USA?

The main difference between "attenders" and "members" at CBTA USA comes down to one word: ‘Commitment’.  Since 2003, It has been over 15 years that CBTA USA opened public classes to help promote the classical Taijiquan of Chen Village. But it was extremely hard to deliver the best teaching quality for those attenders who were not committed. Chen Family Taijiquan at CBTA USA is not just Taijiquan that people see in a park. It is not just modernized Tai Chi that most people see. Chen Family Taijiquan of Chen Village at CBTA USA is the oldest Taijiquan style that was created by Chen Wangting who was a Taijiquan creator about 4 centuries ago, which is historically proven in China. CV members are committed to becoming authentic followers and classical practitioners of Chen Village Taijiquan. 

Why do you have formal membership?

Every school must have an enrollment. Every army has an enlistment. Membership identifies our Taijiquan (Tai Chi) family who are not just attendees. The CV members who have a commitment to study the oldest Taijiquan in the world will be taught step-by-step based on our systemized curriculum that is reeling silk (Chan Si Gong), explosive power (Fa Jin), long forms, weapons, grappling, applications and sparring with hands-on corrections, lectures and demonstrations.   

How do I become a Chen Village member of Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA?

Becoming a CV membership is a simple process. 

Step 1, you need to read what the CV membership is and its purpose. After reading carefully, please inquire about a membership contract on the website form or simply email at

Step 2, you will need to fill out and sign the CV membership documents. You will be guided to pay your contract and we’ll contact you to set up your first training with either the senior instructor or another CBTA USA teacher or the Intangible Successor Master Bosco Baek. 

Step 3. choose the membership option that is a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month contract with auto-pay.

Please make sure your ‘commitment’ to study the authentic Chen Village Taijiquan before your inquiry. Once your membership is approved, you may attend all CV membership hours as much as you want. All of your lessons will be taught individually or sometimes in a small group setting if there is a practitioner who has the same topic or pace of study. 


Membership Eligibility

1. For those who are willing to become a successor and certified teacher of Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA

2. For those who are willing to deepen the classical Chen Family Taijiquan in step-by-step

3. For those who are willing to teach as a volunteer teacher at ‘Chen Village’ non-profit organization for kids and seniors in the future.

Membership Benefit

1. One will be taught individually by Master Bosco Baek or his certified teachers.

2. Early access to Master Chen Bing’s , Master Bosco Baek's workshop and other related activities

Membership Contract

1. 3-month contract: $1,800 ($600 per month, $600/80 hours per month=$7.50 per hour)


2. 6-month contract: $3,300 ($550 per month, $550/80 hours per month=$6.875 per hour)

3. 12-month contract: $4,200 ($350 per month, $350/80 hours per  month=$4.375 per hour)

5. If cancelled within a year, there will be $840 cancellation fee for early termination of contract.

6. On average, members practice 10 hours per week.

Membership Schedule

1. Monday to Thursday from 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM and Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM with one’s time preference which means one will be taught organically upon one’s arrival.

2. Wednesday 7 PM will have a special lecture from Master Bosco Baek and Saturday 12 PM – 2 PM will have push-hands, grappling and application.



Unlike most schools teach only external Taijiquan forms, CBTA USA teaches the jewels of Taijiquan 'internal' principles that make the true Taijiquan such as '25 Secrets of Tai Chi'. We also teach Taijiquan therapy, classical weapons, grappling and martial applications inherited from Chen Village where Tai Chi was created. 

If seeking to get a 'paper' teacher license, please go to other organizations. 



Taiji Relaxation, Elixir Field, Stepping, Central Equilibrium, Primary Reeling Silk, Primary Explosive Power


Including the entire Level 1 contents, Oldest Five, Old Frame Eight A & B, Old Frame Eleven, Harmony 13 Form and Essence Cannon Fist 17 Form


Including the entire Level 2 contents, Intermediate Stepping, Intermediate Reeling Silk, Intermediate Explosive Power, Old Frame First Road, Old Frame Second Road, Single Broadsword, Single Straight Sword, Pulling Flower Push-Hands and Double-Hand Stationary Push-Hands


Including the entire Level 3 contents, Long Pole, Double Mace (Sword Breaker), Fan, Advance/Retreat Push-Hands and 8 Applications of Taijiquan (Grappling)


Including the entire Level 4 contents, Advanced Stepping, Advanced Explosive Power, New Frame First Road, New Frame Second Road, Double Broadsword, Double Straight Sword, Big Roll-Back Push-Hands and variation/combination of application


Including the entire Level 5 contents, Spear, Spring Autumn Blade and Flower Leg Step Push-Hands, Combat Skill and Power Training

We also teach Taijiquan Philosophy, Taijiquan Anatomy, 25 Secrets of Taijiquan, Chen Family Taijiquan Therapy, 5 Kinds of Push-Hands Patterns, Applications of Weapons, Grappling, Combat Skills and Power Training 


A certified teacher can establish her/his classes under our name. Master Chen Bing and Master Bosco Baek will promote their schools by annual visit and workshops. Also, they will be invited to our private meetings and receptions as a certified teacher.


In May, Master Chen Bing and Master Bosco Baek will examine teacher candidates in Los Angeles. There is a $250 for teacher examination and certification. ​



New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas 

Membership Inquiry

If a membership candidate finds all of above requirements and eligibilities, please inquire at Once received an inquiry, we will send a membership agreement that requires a signature.