Chen Village membership is not only an apprenticeship education program, but also a teacher training

At Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA, we recognize the need for a formal membership because we look for future successors who can inherit the classical teachings of Chen Village where Tai Chi was created. In fact, it requires a step-by-step teaching process based on our curriculum and hands-on corrections in order to make practitioners experience deeply for powerful energy cultivation and circulation. The hands-on corrections are so necessary because it prevents any physical misalignment and internal foul energy. Most importantly, It is very important for us to preserve the same practical methods and standard as taught in Chen Village. 

CBTA USA is very selective in choosing a Chen Village member because it is not only an apprenticeship education program, but also a teacher training course.

Why is membership important at CBTA USA?

The main difference between "attenders" and "members" at CBTA USA comes down to one word: ‘Commitment’.  Since 2003, It has been over 15 years that CBTA USA opened public classes to help promote the classical Taijiquan of Chen Village. But it was extremely hard to deliver the best teaching quality for those attenders who were not committed. 

Chen Family Taijiquan at CBTA USA is not just Taijiquan that people see in a park. It is not just modernized Tai Chi that most people see. Chen Family Taijiquan of Chen Village at CBTA USA is the oldest Taijiquan style that was created by Chen Wangting who was a Taijiquan creator about 4 centuries ago, which is historically proven in China. CV members are committed to becoming authentic followers and classical practitioners of Chen Village Taijiquan.  

Why do you have formal membership?

Every school must have an enrollment. Every army has an enlistment. Membership identifies our Taijiquan (Tai Chi or Taiji) family who are not just attendees. The CV members who have a commitment to study the oldest Taijiquan in the world will be taught step-by-step based on our systemized curriculum that is reeling silk (Chan Si Gong), explosive power (Fa Jin), long forms, weapons, grappling, applications and sparring with hands-on corrections, lectures and demonstrations. 

How do I become a Chen Village member of Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA?

Becoming a CV membership is a simple process. 

Step 1: You need to read carefully what the CV membership is and its purpose. After reading it, please read through the membership contract agreement below. 

Step 2: If you finds all requirements and agree with the contract, you will need to fill out the contract agreement form and sign electronic signature to join the CV membership contract below. 

Step 3: Choose the membership option that is a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month contract with auto-pay.


Please make sure your ‘commitment’ to study the authentic Chen Village Taijiquan before your contract agreement. 

It is because we are very selective in choosing our members due to our traditional linage from the Taijiquan creator.


Because we cap our membership numbers to ensure the school is never too busy.  

In addition, we are very selective in choosing our members due to our traditional lineage.

Once your membership is approved, you will be guided to attend your first session and are able to join all CV membership hours as much as you want. 


If you are interested in this membership, please ask more about the membership contract.